Why involve unconscious mind
in healing?

"We understand that learning and change take place at the unconscious level. The part of your functioning which is responsible for about ninety-five percent of your learning and skill is called your unconscious mind."

"There is paradox in the field. The hugest majority of therapists believe that the way to be a good therapist is to do everything you do intuitively, which means to have an unconscious mind that does it for you. They wouldn't describe it that way because they don't like the word "unconscious" but basically they do what they do without knowing how they do it. They do it by the "seat of their pants"-that's another way to say "unconscious mind" I think being able to do things unconsciously is useful; say that the ultimate goal of therapy is for people to have conscious understanding-insight into their own problems. So therapists are a group of people who do what they do without knowing how it works, and at the same time believe that the way to really get somewhere in life is to consciously know how things work!"
-'Structure of Magic 1' - John Grinder and Richard Bandler

"Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious.
The unconscious is much smarter, wiser and quicker. It understands better.. Trust your unconscious; it knows more than you do." -Dr Milton H Erickson

"Restablish your connection to your innerself" -Abhay Thakkar