Criteria for NLP trainings

According to John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), the following criterias are to be followed by a NLP trainer while delivering NLP trainings -

  • 1 - The basis  of effective training is the creation  by  the trainer of a series of  contexts in  which through  experience  the student  may  arrive  at his  own  direct  tacit knowledge of the patterning. In other words, the measure of effective training is whether the student can do it, never whether he can talk about it.
  • 2 - That all training materials be carefully scrutinized to ensure that only formal (never content) patterning is being presented as NLP patterning. Would be trainers unable to make this distinction are disqualified until they achieve such competency.
  • 3 - That the ideal design of training inherently involves discovery processes by which the student achieves unconscious (tacit) competency prior to achieving explicit verbal competency. A pattern discovered belongs to the discoverer; a pattern presented belongs to the presenter.
  • 4 - That the single most important variable in the training context is the congruity of the trainer. Without an appropriate model (the trainer) offering demonstrations of the patterning, the training is unlikely in the extreme to achieve the desired results.