NLP Practitioner

• Module A - Effective Communication with Self and others ( 5 days )
• Module B - Agent of Change (5 days)

Module A - Effective Communication with Self and others ( 5 days )

  • Epistemology – how we know, what we (think we) know - A model of understanding communication. Learn how others process information and experiences and the various filters through which they take in the information and experience that you communicate with them.
  • Identify ours and others preferred modality through which we receive and process information thereby understand ourselves and others at a deeper level.
  • Learn to build relationships quickly and get a high responsiveness from another person by communicating subtly to their unconscious mind.
  • Each individual has a unique model and interpretation of the world based on which they operate. You will learn to “move into another person’s world” which would enable you to understand, create empathy and respect with one another.
  • Calibration – The mother of all NLP skills. You will become aware of detecting changes at a micro muscular level changes that you may observe in people which allows you to gather precise information about the person and the states/state changes in a person. You will become more aware of the world around you. (A lot of NLP patterns that you would use will be content free, hence ample of practice will be done so that you can continuously improve this skill.)
  • Learn about the language frames and reframing words by which you can change and influence others.
  • Miscommunication is often the reason for relationship problems. Learn to elicit precise information from another person which ensures that there is less miscommunication.
  • You will also learn to give feedback and judgements to others in a constructive manner in a way by which another person will not take it personally.
  • "Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there." –Rumi Often we get criticized by others for our actions which may hurt us and the hurt continues to remain with us until you find an effective way to deal with it. You will learn an effective way of dealing with criticism.
  • In our journey of life we may have to deal with certain conflicts within or certain conflicts outside. You will learn a way to work through your conflicts in an easy way which can give you a direction towards an action and decision you can make in a congruent way.
  • Learn to assist a people to let go traumas and deep emotional issues even without them sharing what trauma they had undergone. (The pattern taught has been used on victims of Tsunami in Japan and several extreme cases of abuse)
  • Learn ways to guide yourself to achieving your goals and outcomes that you seek through a certain set of questions. It will also enable you to know where you are with respect to your outcome.
  • Statistics show that when decisions taken from “gut instinct” are often correct unless seen from a shorter time frame. You will learn ways to access your “gut instinct”.
  • At times certain ways or strategies being used may not be working, and hence learning ways of doing differently becomes vital. You will learn to generate new ways on your own to do the same tasks differently. “If you keep doing what you always did, you will keep getting what you always got”
  • Learn an effective way to give valueable feedback to self which will enable you keep a track of the constant growth that you are going through. The feedback also involves acknowledging what specifically you did well and what could be done better in a detailed and constructive manner.

We are always learning.
“The day you stop learning is the day you die” - John Grinder

Module B - Agent of Change (5 days)

  • “Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing and even today words retain much of the magical power. By words one of us can give one another the greatest happiness or bring about utter despair…Words call forth emotions and are universally the means by which we influence our fellow creatures” – Sigmund Freud Learn to weave magic of change and influence with words by learning the language of influence.
  • Learn language patterns used by Dr Milton H Erickson (Hypnotherapist who John Grinder and Richard Bandler modelled)
  • Learn meta model – a form of questioning to assist a person to expand his/her map of possibilities or to discover that have no idea what they are talking about. The meta model enables the person to have access to the information that is missing in verbal expression. The Practitioner uses meta model questions to direct the person’s attention to the specific portions of his map, whereby the client can access the choices that had previously been edited. It also helps to avoid miscommunication in relationships.
  • Learn to overcome fears and phobias within 20 minutes.
  • Use of unconscious mind to bring about changes in behavior and health.
  • Learn about the language frames and reframing words by which you can change and influence others.We have all the resources within. Often we may spend energy on focusing on our weakness, and lose out on focusing on our strengths which is the core of our being. You will learn to tap into those resources which will enable you to be much more empowered.
  • Learn to change beliefs and perceptions with the use of tasking.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the strategies that we operate from which will enable you to evaluate your actions.
  • Learn the various applications of stimuli-response theory in the form anchor which can be applied on a daily basis in relationships, business and any situation in which you would like to deal with in an empowered way.
  • Learn about the building blocks of our experience and how we encode our internal pictures, sounds, feelings and by changing them we can bring about changes in our habits, behavior, addictions and our life.

Day 10 – Evaluations.
To be certified as an Internationally certified NLP Practitioner – Certified by co-creator of NLP – John Grinder…you have to earn it!