• Learn language patterns used by people like Jesus, Socrates, Karl Marx, Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and others who had large influence on people and they achieved this purely by the way the use language which influenced the belief system of others. Learn to apply these patterns conversationally to change the beliefs of others.
  • Learn linguistic re-sourcing pattern to activate resources purely through linguistics.
  • Explore – “who are you” through ‘Beyond words’.
  • Explore values. Values are what we hold dear to our hearts and we are operating from them on most occasions at an unconscious level although they get expressed often in our behavior and language. You will become aware of your motivations and reasons for what you do and also align yourself to what is really important to you. As a NLP Master Practitioner, you will be able to use values you elicited from clients as leverage points in change work in your coaching session. And also by working at the level of values, you can bring about a deeper change in your client.
  • Learn about the mental processes by which a person filters the data and experiences which directs his decisions, behaviors, actions and interactions with others. You will become aware of the mental programs that run our lives at an unconscious level in various contexts. Learn ways to influence another person by eliciting and then matching their processing method.
  • Learn NLP patterns to work with health issues.
  • We often become products of our past. Using timeline patterns you will regress into the past and explore what specifically prevents you from leading the quality of experiences in your life that you desire as you heal that part of you that is holding on to thoughts, emotions and beliefs based on a past experience. Timeline patterns will assist you to offload past emotional baggages and extract the lessons that will assist you to grow and develop in every area your life
  • NLP modeling (core activity of NLP). It includes a modeling project you would be undertaking during the course and give a presentation of the modeling project. (You will be evaluated based on this project)
  • Taking assistance of the unconscious mind to filter out anything that questions the health and well- being which may affect us while we are doing the modeling project. (The filter that you will learn, took John Grinder 6 months to develop before undertaking the modeling project of modeling Dr Milton H Erickson since Dr Erickson had a lot of health issues and John Grinder did not wish to get those issues since his modeling project would involve deep contact and relationship with Dr Erickson)
  • NLP presentation skills.
  • Conduct a ‘breakthrough session’ for another participant in the course where you put together everything that you have learnt in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and New Code NLP course (You will be evaluated based on this session)