Drake Reno (usa)

Drake Reno is a highly decorated and internationally recognized facilitator and coach. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of 6 successful businesses including his current training company Integrated Man. He currently the only NLP Trainer in the USA endorsed by the ITA (International Trainers Academy) to offer NLP Practitioner Certification Trainings that carry the ITA seal and the signature of Dr. John Grinder.
Drake is also a certified Master fitness trainer, holistic health coach and has spent several years studying indiginous plant medicine with shaman in the jungles of Peru.
Integrated man offers a powerful uniquely holistic approach to all of their trainings globally including ITA Certified NLP Practitioner courses, Integration work in medicine work and retreats, as well as business consulting, mentorship and coaching.

Alvaro Wurth (Uruguay)

Alvaro Wurth is a NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code) - certified by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) as well as Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll. He has 20 years of experience in NLP with applications in teaching, personal and business coaching. He also teaches in many areas of human development, with extensive experience in complementary therapies and yoga.

He is a Director of Centro Gendai since 1996, and has introduced Gendai Reiki Ho in Latin America, and has taught that in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, México, Brasil and Uruguay. He is also a HorseDream Licensed Partner and facilitator in Assisted Therapies with Horses.