Course Content:

  • Learn to build relationships quickly by communicating at a deeper level to the unconscious mind with less resistance from the conscious mind.
  • Learn about the various filters which come into play during communication.
  • Learn about the mental processes by which a customer filters the data and experiences which influences his decision making. Learn ways to influence customers by matching their processing and decision making method.
  • Identify ours and others preferred modality through which we receive and process information thereby understanding ourselves and others at a deeper level.
  • Learn ways to easily influence by communicating directly in a subtle manner to the unconscious mind which is more than 6000 times powerful than the conscious mind.
  • Learn the magic of words and learn to weave the magic with words as you engage in a conversation with the customer.
  • Learn language of influence by which a person would easily be able to relate and connect to you.
  • Learn to use communicate directly to the unconscious mind in verbal communication in the form of metaphors. You will learn different types of metaphors and the way to build them.
  • Learn ways to conversationally change the belief of the customer.
  • Learn to elicit precise information to enable you to know what specifically the customer wants.
  • At times certain ways or strategies being used may not be working, and hence learning ways of doing differently becomes vital. You will learn to generate new ways on your own to do the same tasks differently.
  • Learn easy and effective ways to deal with emotions such as anxiety, fear that may come up.
  • Learn a way to enhance and access positive states whenever you wish. Learn ways to give feedback to yourself to ensure you constantly develop and grow while you acknowledge what specifically you did well and what could be done better in a detailed and constructive manner.
  • Learn to tap into the power unconscious mind and access the power of unconscious mind automatically while you are engaging in your sales activity as you surprise yourself of how much better you are in your sales.

Duration: 4 hrs to 5 days
(Customised according to the needs)

Facilitator : Abhay Thakkar
Abhay Thakkar, an Internationally certified NLP trainer, is the only one in India to provide NLP as well as New Code NLP which are internationally recognized and certified by-Co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP – John Grinder

& Co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Caroll.

He is a member of ITA (International Trainers Academy). The mission of the ITA is to provide highest quality of NLP Training to participants across the globe.

Contact no: 9769274933
Email id: [email protected]

“Learning is a treasure which will follow its owner everywhere”