Motivation and Leadership Development

Course Content:

  • Learn to build relationships quickly by communicating at a deeper level to the unconscious mind with less resistance from the conscious mind.
  • Learn the magic of words and learn to weave the magic with words as you engage in a conversation with others.
  • Learn ways to easily influence by communicating directly to the unconscious mind which is more than 6000 times powerful than the conscious mind.
  • Learn ways to bring about change and influence at the level of belief by learning ‘conversational belief change’.
  • Each one of us is unique in our own way. It’s about understanding ourselves and the way we are that enables us to embrace ourselves. You will learn the percentile of head or heart ruled we are and understanding and learning a way of communicating to others of the category in which they fit in.
  • Understand leadership styles.
  • Understand the thinking styles in leadership and problem solving.
  • Learn to asses motivations for change.
  • Learn about moving from vision to action.
  • Learn a way to guide yourself to achieving your goal through a certain set of questions. It will also enable you to know where you are with respect to your outcome.
  • At times certain ways or strategies being used may not be working, and hence learning ways of doing differently becomes vital. You will learn to generate new ways on your own to do the same tasks differently
  • Leadership often involves decision making. It has often been found that a decision when taken out of “gut instinct” is often correct unless seen from a shorter time frame. You will learn ways of accessing your unconscious mind.
  • Learn to activate your unconscious mind. You will learn fun ways of doing so by simply playing a set of games and activities. The games are designed to invoke a high performance state and a ‘know nothing state’ in the person as they surprise themselves of how much better their quality of life can be and how easy it is for them to feel automatically motivated and execute leadership skills just by playing New Code NLP games. The state activated comes directly from the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind is more than 6000 times powerful than conscious mind.
  • We have all the resources within. You will learn to tap into those resources which will enable you to be much more empowered.
  • Often we may spend energy on focusing on our weakness, and lose out on focusing on our strengths which is the core of our being. You will learn a way to amplify your core self.
  • Create appropriate states for leadership and aligning leadership states.
  • We often react rather than respond to situations. By reacting and being engulfed with an emotion, it causes uneasiness to self and others involved. Mastery over emotions plays a vital role in a leader which enables to respond and deal with situations in a much more empowered manner. You will learn ways to keep in check with your emotions so that you respond rather than react to situations. Kindly note: You will not learn to “erase” emotions since emotions can be appropriate in an appropriate situation when you have operated out of choice.
  • You will learn to “move into another person’s world” which would enable you to understand and empathise with one another.
  • Understand how a person processes information and learn ways to influence them by matching their processing method.
  • Learn to use communicate directly to the unconscious mind in verbal communication in the form of metaphors. You will learn different types of metaphors and the way to build them.
  • You will also learn to give feedback to others in a constructive manner in a way by which another person will not take it personally.
  • Understanding of belief systems and its interplay in organization.
  • “There are no failures, only feedback” Learn ways to give feedback to yourself to ensure you constantly develop and grow while you acknowledge what specifically you did well and what could be done better.

Duration: 4 hrs to 5 days
(Customised according to the needs)