Interpersonal Skills & Team Building

Course Content:

  • Learn to build relationships quickly by communicating at a deeper level to the unconscious mind with less resistance from the conscious mind.
  • Understand about the various filters which come into play during the communication.
  • Understand how a person processes information and learn ways to influence them by matching their processing method.
  • Identify ours and others preferred modality through which we receive and process information thereby understanding ourselves and others at a deeper level.
  • Learn ways to easily influence by communicating directly in a subtle manner to the unconscious mind which is more than 6000 times powerful than the conscious mind.
  • Each individual has a unique model and interpretation of the world based on which they operate. You will learn to “move into another person’s world” which would enable you to understand and empathise with one another.
  • Learn to elicit precise information from one another to avoid misunderstanding.
  • With one word, you can make another person experience an extreme sense of happiness or extreme sense of sadness. You will learn to be more watchful of the words you use while you realize at the same time the magic of words.
  • Learn language of influence by which a person would easily be able to relate and connect to you.
  • Learn to use communicate directly to the unconscious mind in verbal communication in the form of metaphors. You will learn different types of metaphors and the way to build them.
  • Learn ways to conversationally change a person’s belief system.
  • Learn ways to easily influence by communicating directly to the unconscious mind which is more than 6000 times powerful than the conscious mind.
  • Communication often involves feedback. You will learn to give feedback constructively which will ensure the other person involved will not take it personally.
  • At times certain ways or strategies being used may not be working, and hence learning ways of doing differently becomes vital. You will learn to generate new ways on your own to do the same tasks differently.
  • Learn to respond rather than react in a situation by learning about the various emotions and easy and effective ways of dealing with them.
  • Learn a way to enhance and access positive states whenever you wish.
  • Engage in various New Code NLP activities together than assists the team to access the power of unconscious mind which automatically enables you to improve your performances and helps to motivate each other.
  • Learn an efficient way to coach yourself regularly to enhance your skills/performance. “If you keep doing what you did, you will keep getting what you always got.”

Duration: 4 hrs to 5 days
(Customised according to the needs)